The UCR Transfer Website is an excellent source of information for prospective transfer students to get familiarized with the requirements necessary to apply to UCR.  

The Earth Science department has two majors to choose from, geophysics and geology. The geophysics major puts an emphasis on math and physics while taking core geology courses. The geology major has four different options, general geology, global climate change, geobiology, and geophysics, students may choose from that share a set of core classes but vary in other required lower- and upper-division courses.

While the transfer criteria for Earth Science majors require one year of calculus and one year of either physics, chemistry, or biology, students should plan to have the following classes completed before transferring:

  1. One year single variable calculus equivalent to UCR MATH 009ABC
  2. One year general chemistry with lab equivalent to UCR CHEM 001ABC + LAB
  3. One year introductory calculus-based physics equivalent to PHYS 040ABC or 002ABC
  4. Physical Geology equivalent to GEO 001
  5. Historical Geology equivalent to GEO 003

Students who have completed at least half of their units at a California Community College may apply for a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) to UCR. There are more requirements to TAG to UCR there are general transfer requirements so it important to check additional requirements.