Port of San Diego Intern (Energy)

The Energy & Sustainability team implements the District's Climate Action Plan and sustainability programs.  The team's goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through innovative projects focused on decreasing energy and water consumption, managing waste, deploying renewable energy projects,  and utilizing alternative fuels and forms of transportation.

Intern tasks may include but are not limited to engaging with employees and the public regarding sustainability, conducting greenhouse gas inventories and analyzing data, developing waste management plans and targets, reviewing energy audits and assisting with energy efficiency projects, and researching clean transportation options. Former interns have led projects to encourage sustainable behavior changes with measurable emission reductions and cost savings.

With general supervision, provides part-time employment opportunities for college level interns to perform job assignments that are closely related to their area of study. Any full-time college or graduate level student may apply for consideration for vacancies.

Total scheduled work hours shall not exceed 25 hours per work week (Monday through Friday).  Intern positions do not include benefits and are not eligible to receive paid leave, paid holidays, retirement and/or any type of insurance.