Due to various conflicts I haven't been in the lab since before the symposium, so this will be a short report on the symposium instead! It was a really neat trip and getting to talk to people about the fossils project was really interesting. I feel it helped me understand the field at large a lot better, as well as on a small scale, to understand the project here better as well.

            Some of the other attendees had suggestions for our research - one suggested to look into some research done in the 60's - all I managed to scribble down is "Axelrod 60s, published Batista look up for plant fossils", which is somewhat cryptic but something I'm probably going to be looking into in the future. I also wrote "Sebolba flora" (which unfortunately only yields images of Sebulba from Star Wars), so this too is something I'll likely be looking into in the future.

            Another attendee mentioned, I believe, the San Mateo formation - he had noticed that the sandstone of our fossils appeared very similar to another layer of rock found in San Bernadino County. Jess told me this and said it would be the first thing I'd do when we went back, so I'm sure I'll be hearing more about it a week from now when I go in next. I'm planning on doing research on those beds and if there's any possible correlation between our plant fossils' sandstone and siltstone and the rock layer that man believed could possibly be related.

            Other than this, not much to report! We're still talking about carbon dating the samples, but I'm not sure when that will be sent out. I'm excited to know if the fossils really are Late Pleistocene or not.