As mentioned previously, the sandstone and siltstone in the fossils is very fine - it definitely would have been formed in a low energy environment and not some sort of event like a flash flood. The road underneath which the fossils were found seems to run through a natural gulley, so the assumption can be made that there was some sort of small stream there that came to a stop in the small dip in the ground where our fossils were found.

            I have been taking photos of the fossils and editing them to make them brighter and more clean. Currently, we're preparing our poster to present at the Desert Symposium to report on the fossils, and I've been helping Jess with the poster file. Last time I made the pictures transparent, and today Lido and I worked on finalizing the layout of  the photos section. The symposium is this weekend, so we're working to get it done. I'll be sending Jess the references for the reports that Rich has sent me during these last few months within the next couple days.

            Work on the project has been going well overall! I'm excited to present it this weekend. It'll be my first symposium, so I'm excited to be able to go to represent this project, since it's really cool!