Quite some time has passed since the last update. During that time I continued doing the same procedure for the rest of the samples that I had left.

We did encounter a problem with the FTIR. When one would take the spectrum of a sample with an aperture of 25x25 µm, the peaks on the graph would come out very saturated. I did not ask why this was happening but the solution to the saturation problem was duct tape!

My assumption is since the duct tape is sealing the tube that connects both segments of the FTIR, this stops the labs atmosphere from getting into it. This is important because the inside of the FTIR has to be in specific conditions in order to take a clear spectrum of the sample without the interference of other particles.

I have also begun interpreting the spectrums data by computing the samples average thickness and peak heights into an excel spreadsheet that would then calculate the amount of water and other concentrations within the species. Once I am done computing these values for every sample, they can then be plotted to see if there is any trend.