In the week of 2/20-2/24, I met with Maryjo and she showed me the equipment I will be working with and its insides. I forget the technical term/name of the instrument (FTIR?) but it is basically a microscope that uses a laser to measure the sample. It was interesting to see how the laser would be in a separate chamber and would bounce off mirrors, split, and rejoin only to be shot into the next section which has the microscope. From that, the computer on the microscope will give a value/measurement for us to use.

From my understanding and Maryjo’s explanation, we will apply Beer’s law in conjunction with the data we get from the microscope. Using that data, we would then apply it to an equation to get the concentration of “x” that we are looking at. For now I have an understanding of what I will be doing, but to explain in better detail I would need to do some hands on work to have a clear idea. By the end of next week, I should have training on the equipment complete and have done some practice samples on my own.