My internship with Nicolas Barth involves the study of landslides. My main task is to create a geologic map of the Mojave Desert in a program called ArcMap. This requires me to locate and download the .tif files for the given map of an area. Most of these maps are available on the USGS website pictured below:

This is a map comprised of thousands of individual maps. When I click on a location, I can see all of the maps available for that location. Only some maps are relevant to my interest, so I have to choose maps that show small scale surficial features. For many locations, there may be a few thousand maps, but only a handful are useful to me. Below, on the left is an example of the maps available for a location on the map. Below, on the right is my document in ArcMap.

Some maps are not so seamlessly loaded into ArcMap, so in the future, I will learn how to manually georeference a map that does not have the attached georeferencing. Gradually, the map will grow in detail, and this will enable us to locate known landslides on the maps, as well as locate areas of past landslides that may not have been mapped.