So, this is the first posting I am doing on the research project I am doing with Dr. Miller-Camp. For several weeks I unfortunately was in and out of the hospital, but I am much better now. I have recently restarted my work with her and I am excited that I am being exposed to this side of paleontology! Vertebrate studies are fascinating in that it is interesting to look at the changes that occurred over a length of time.  I have recently learned the basics behind using geometric morphology: a way to measure the differences in structure through a computer program which pinpoints specific landmarks on the body, or structure, to look at its movement among populations, or species. This is a form of observable science that I am now being introduced to. The concept is not easy to understand, but slowly I am learning and getting better. I think my biggest trouble is knowing I am not the expert, so sometimes finding the landmarks on the structure (that were chosen a-priori) is difficult. Thank God for the mentor!!!