Touching up Fault Lines

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The mapping is finally finished and now we can finally get started on transferring this information to the next step. Or so I thought that would be the sentence that my mentor would tell me. Turns out that some of the fault lines mapped were going to have to be split up and that some more faults were going to have to be added in order to get the results that we are looking for. Luckily the touch up seems easy enough, and this week should be relatively simple. I think it is safe to assume that I officially know how to map these specific files, but pounding it into my head one more time sounds fine honestly. My navigation of Trellis is becoming better and better, plus this time Roby showed me how we are going to use a trimesh on the entirety of the map. There are multiple types of meshing that you can place on the segments, but we will be using the trimesh which means that a bunch of tiny lines representing 2 kilometers match up making triangles all along the fault lines. This is so we can pinpoint any specific spot on any specific fault line as opposed to just saying, “somewhere on the big fault over there.” While this week may be easy, I am excited to complete this part and add in the dip angle to each of these fault lines. Til next week.