The Waiting Game

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We are finally ready to run our geographically mapped fault lines in the simulator. Now that all I have to do is play the waiting game, let me recap the progress we’ve made, and what exactly we are trying to do. We have made geographic map of the fault lines in the Caribbean, and now we are throwing that map in a simulation. The simulation is there to show us movement along the fault lines and hopefully we will see patterns of earthquake activity that will match up with past earthquakes. This will hopefully show us future patterns of earthquakes that may or may not match up. All of this is up in the air, but the hope is that we will possibly have some sort of knowledge of future earthquakes that can possibly occur. I’m trying to keep this as vague sounding as possible because I want to make it clear that we are not predicting a date and time that earthquakes will happen. If we could do that, there wouldn’t be such catastrophic damage to human population because of them. We are simply seeing if we can find some sort of pattern that these earthquakes could possibly take to. Some may occur every 50 years or so, or every 200 years, etc. Right now that simulation is running, and because we are taking it very far down the road, this could take over a week to run. I will write back with results, and possible editing that will have to take place, but until then I will wait in suspense as to what the results will be. Consider me extremely excited.