Simplifying the Equation

When you tend to have many problems with something, it is best to simplify it and start over. As opposed to before where we were using all the fault lines in the Caribbean, we now are using only the fault lines that we have all the data ready to go. To add to that, I now am going to remap the entirety of the fault lines once more and go from there. The good news is that the more I use Trellis, the more it becomes familiar to me. All the issues that I was previously having are becoming much simpler to solve on my own. The main issue that was getting to me was the fact that you cannot work on the center bulk of the information without then having to edit everything that comes after that selected information because every vertex changes. Once I learned this bit of information, everything became much easier to comprehend in the way of editing information I have already worked on. This week has shown me that even someone like me who has never worked with software such as Trellis can learn through trial and error. Iā€™m pretty excited to finish the mapping of these fault lines and see how we will be transferring it to the next program that Roby will show me.