There's Trouble in the Air

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This week has caused me a little bit of stress. It is a shame when you can’t quite figure something out. I have been having trouble with my finicky swan 5 fault line. To be entirely honest, it is hard to even think of what to type right now. I’m still very cool, calm and collected, but that swan 5 just does not want to work. Every time I change it, it ruins another fault segment, and that’s why this is stressful. Sometimes you need to take a step back and learn from your elders. I will definitely have to troubleshoot this with Roby next week instead of trying to be cool and work it out on my own. I feel proud that out of all the fault lines I only experienced a tiny hiccup in work towards the very end. It is very hard to take a loss, but I will accept it with grace this time. I suppose it is pretty silly of me to think that all of this brand new information will come to me with ease. The evolution from padawan to master does not happen overnight, after all. I just hope that next week ends up having more good news for me, than bad.