Death Valley Day 2

Due to very gusty winds, we were unable to upload yesterday. Hers's a recap: 


In the morning, we ate a big breakfast and packed a big lunch.  Then, we boarded the bus and headed to the dunes.

When we arrived, students or teachers either painted the dunes or climbed the dunes, many even went to the highest dune. After we saw a couple lizards and scorched our feet on the hot desert sand. we drove over to the mosaic canyon.

We went to back to find for supplies to find that with the wind having blown all of our tents over. We pitched them back in the ground and had no more problems afterwards. Walking up the alluvial fan into the canyon, we saw the amazing rock formations and learned about how the faulting and uplift shaped the rock walls. 

Once we reached a big boulder we headed back down and went to the visitors center. The center included a sort of museum that had the history of the Shoshone in the desert. We finally headed back and had a filling dinner and headed off to bed.