Meet our New Research Intern: Anthony Tallent

Name: Anthony Blackwell Tallent

Hometown: Redlands CA

Major: Geology

Institution: Riverside City College

How I got interested in my major: I have been interested in Geology ever since middle school. I took a year of Earth Science, and I fell in love with it. It wasn’t until later that I took a Geology course at RCC and found out that this is definitely the major for me.

Why I love geology: I have always felt a certain connection to the outdoors. Ever since I was a child, I loved going outside to play but would also grab random rocks and stuff them in my pocket. I would then take them inside to wash them and stare at the crystals I could see. When I saw these shiny crystals I would get extremely excited and think I made this amazing discovery. While in the end it was probably quartz, the sensation was incredible, and nature took ahold of my heart. I personally love Geology because of my innate interest in the Earth itself. If I can unlock even one of Earth’s many mysteries, then I’d consider that a life well lived.

Meet our New Research Intern: Kim Perkins!

Name: Kim Perkins

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Major: Geology

Institution: RCC

How I got interested in my major: I've always loved rocks and geology since childhood, but after one geology camping trip out to Utah, I knew I had to change my major!

Why I love geology: Understanding geology is also understanding our place in the world at large. It's amazing to think about what the planet would have been like hundreds of millions of years ago, and how rocks have been there through that entire history! We're but a speck in the grand timeline on Earth, but it's both important and fun to study and understand the processes going on all around us.

Happy New Year!

With 2018 upon us, we have many exciting things planned! We have a few new interns from RCC itching to start on their projects with their mentors here at UCR. As with the other interns, they will have their own blog pages so you can follow the work they are doing. We have field trips to Crystal Cove planned in the coming weeks with Riverside Polytechnic and Riverside STEM Academy and towards the end of next month will be our overnight trip to Marble Mountains. At the beginning of March is the big trip to Death Valley!

GEODE at GSA 2017

Rosemarie Bisquera and Mary Droser, on behalf of Robyn Dahl, gave two talks at the GSA Annual Meeting in Seattle this past week about some of the work the GEODE program has done. Rosemarie's talk, Geoscience Development (GEODE): Recruiting and Engaging the Future Geoscience Workforce, focused on the community college aspect of the GEODE program. There was great response after her talk through the course of the conference. One former community college student said the advice not to take the IGETC certification for science (specifically geoscience) majors was some of the best advice he'd ever gotten when he was going through the transition to 4-year university many years ago. Robyn's talk, Growing Geoscientists in the Desert: A Geology Field Camp for High School Students in Death Valley National Park, given by Mary Droser, focused on the high school aspect of the GEODE program, specifically bringing students from the Riverside Unified School District on a 4-night field trip to Death Valley. 

Meet Our New Research Intern: Chelsea McCormick

Name: Chelsea McCormick

Hometown: Riverside

Major: Geology/Geophysics

Institution: Riverside City College

How I got interested in my major: I graduated in 2014 with a BA in History and Political Science and enrolled soon after in UCR's Department of Education to pursue a single subject credential and MEd. Though I come from a family of teachers, I soon discovered that teaching was not for me. I took some time to reevaluate my life goals and soon realized that I had subconsciously closed a lot of doors for my future because I had always been told I was bad at math. I withdrew from the teaching program and immediately enrolled in an intro physics course at RCC just to test the waters. I had taken two astronomy courses at RCC when I first started there in 2009 and could never shake how much I had loved them and how much they had changed my everyday perspectives, and I had always regretted that I had never made it to physics in high school. I did well in physics, and the subsequent trig, calculus, and geology courses I enrolled in, and began to believe that I was capable after all and that science was something I definitely wanted to pursue. Outside of school, I have very nomadic tendencies and a reputation for being on the road whenever I have the time and money. As I thought about which branch of science I preferred, I realized geology could combine my interest in science with my love of travel and the outdoors. Discovering geophysics was the match in the powder barrel because I could directly combine geology and physics. Studying geology has presented me with so many wonderful opportunities since, and I have never been happier about my future. 

Why I love geology: I love geology because it helps me to understand the world around me. As a history major with a focus in military history, studying topographical maps of battlefields was common place, and we would frequently discuss events where major turns in history were directly affected by geological events. I learned about volcanoes, tsunamis, ice ages, and so on in the abstract, but studying geology directly has had an even more profound impact on my understanding of just how tied we are to our environment. I love how each and every piece of geology is a reminder of how powerful the processes of nature are, and how in studying them I can also have an impact on helping societies to exist more safely. I love geophysics, specifically, because I can take all of that and combine it with the music of math. It never ceases to amaze me how we can understand things we can't even see deep within the Earth using math and technology, and I look forward to all of the discoveries we have yet to make.