Meet our New Research Intern: Anthony Tallent

Name: Anthony Blackwell Tallent

Hometown: Redlands CA

Major: Geology

Institution: Riverside City College

How I got interested in my major: I have been interested in Geology ever since middle school. I took a year of Earth Science, and I fell in love with it. It wasn’t until later that I took a Geology course at RCC and found out that this is definitely the major for me.

Why I love geology: I have always felt a certain connection to the outdoors. Ever since I was a child, I loved going outside to play but would also grab random rocks and stuff them in my pocket. I would then take them inside to wash them and stare at the crystals I could see. When I saw these shiny crystals I would get extremely excited and think I made this amazing discovery. While in the end it was probably quartz, the sensation was incredible, and nature took ahold of my heart. I personally love Geology because of my innate interest in the Earth itself. If I can unlock even one of Earth’s many mysteries, then I’d consider that a life well lived.