Successful Intern Presentations at IGS Meeting

Our interns Jose Lara, Hunter Steinmuller, and Astrid Garcia presented their research at the June Inland Geological Society (IGS) meeting last night, Wednesday, June 7th. 

Jose went first to present the FTIR spectroscopy work he did with Dr. Maryjo Brounce for samples from the Gulf of Aden. The question Jose was looking to answer was why the Afar mantle plume does not share the common characteristic mantle plumes have as being warmer than the typical mantle. The purpose of his research was to determine whether these samples had elevated water and/or carbon dioxide contents which could contribute to the anomalous geophysical properties seen in the Afar mantle plume. 

Hunter followed Jose's presentation to discuss his work interpreting landslides in the Mojave Desert with Dr. Nic Barth. Hunter compiled geologic maps into ArcMap and used GoogleEarth to determine whether there were landslides that do not show up on the geologic maps. He presented instances where the geologic map did not show landslides he found on GoogleEarth.

Astrid presented last to share her insights on locating earthquakes globally and using InSAR with Dr. Gareth Funning. Astrid restricted her search to shallow (less than 20km depth), onshore earthquakes with a magnitude 5.5 or greater. Using interferograms from InSAR data, she was able to use inverse modeling to produce earthquake parameters. Astrid presented the results of her findings as well the misfit for each locality.

Overall, the night was a success as each of the interns got feedback from the professionals at the meeting.