Meet Our New Research Intern: Hunter Steinmuller

Name: Hunter Steinmuller

Hometown: Riverside, Ca

Major: Geology

Institution: Riverside Community College

How I became interested in geology: I enrolled in a physical geology lecture course with Dr. Phelps at RCC and fell in love with the field. I have always had a strong gravitation towards both nature and history, and geology wonderfully combines the two. This course inspired me to enroll in many more classes, including many field study courses, and four other lecture courses in geology and oceanography thus far. Through these classes, I have gained some important hands-on experience in geology.

Why I love geology:  It is a surreal feeling to be able to hold something that is older than life itself on Earth and being able to describe how it formed. Geology gives us that. Geology is a varied field, open to one's specific interests. Most importantly, geology is an essential science to modern living. Without studies and approvals from geologists, no major construction project would get off the ground. Because of this, geologists will always be in demand,  and they play an essential role in modern life as we know it.