GEODE at GSA 2017

Rosemarie Bisquera and Mary Droser, on behalf of Robyn Dahl, gave two talks at the GSA Annual Meeting in Seattle this past week about some of the work the GEODE program has done. Rosemarie's talk, Geoscience Development (GEODE): Recruiting and Engaging the Future Geoscience Workforce, focused on the community college aspect of the GEODE program. There was great response after her talk through the course of the conference. One former community college student said the advice not to take the IGETC certification for science (specifically geoscience) majors was some of the best advice he'd ever gotten when he was going through the transition to 4-year university many years ago. Robyn's talk, Growing Geoscientists in the Desert: A Geology Field Camp for High School Students in Death Valley National Park, given by Mary Droser, focused on the high school aspect of the GEODE program, specifically bringing students from the Riverside Unified School District on a 4-night field trip to Death Valley.